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  • VEccBrowne Productions Mission Statement

    Our mission is to bring members of the community to the table, to discuss important issues

    Jessica Vecchione

    Owner, Vecc Videography, Hamden NY

    We can't know and see everything that happens in our communities. We make documentaries to bring subjects to light; to help people better understand what's happening; to give them tools that help them form opinions. Documentaries are "ice-breakers" so that interested community members can come to the table, broach a discussion, and find solutions to problems.

    Lillian Browne

    Investigative Reporter, Delaware County NY

    Everyone has a story and there is far more to those stories than just presenting the facts. People - and their connection to place – their community – coupled with the struggles they face in their day to day lives, are the real story. Whether maneuvering their way through the criminal justice system or working to right the wrongs of perceived injustices, everyone has a different angle and different experience. We aim to tell these stories in a way that stimulates solution based conversations and challenges preconceived perceptions.

  • About Us

    Jessica Vecchione

    Award-winning videographer, Jessica Vecchione, is the owner of Vecc Videography, a full service video production and marketing company based in Hamden, NY.

    With 20 years experience in advertising and marketing, Jessica has carved out a niche for herself in the Catskills, helping individuals, businesses, and organizations connect to others and define their brand by telling their stories on film.

    In 2009, she made a film called, Bienvenidos a Fleischmanns, about the growing Hispanic population in a mostly rural mountainous region. The film went on to screen in several film festivals, including the Black Earth Film Festival, where it won first prize in documentary, the Orlando Hispanic Film Festival, where it won second prize in documentary, the Boston Latino Film Festival and the Buffalo Niagra Film Festival. In 2011, she made Robert, Portrait of an Art-er, a film about an infamous local hermit and stone artist, which also went on to win awards on the film festival circuit.


    Lillian Browne

    Lillian Browne is an investigative reporter and Catskill-based writer who grew up on the banks of the Beaver Kill River. She was the third woman to hold the position of editor-in-chief of The Reporter - the official newspaper of Delaware County, New York, in its 135 year history.

    She has also formerly served as editor-in-chief of Catskill Country magazine - a tourism driven publication. Her curious nature and sense of adventure landed her a position with the nation's second largest newspaper chain where she wrote stories about the environment, politics and crime, that drew national attention. Browne and her work have been featured on NPR and its affiliates. She is regularly featured on New York public radio stations as a journalist.

    As a former clerk for the New York Supreme and County Courts, she developed an in depth understanding of the criminal justice system. Today, she continues to write about crime, politics and the environment as a freelance journalist.

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